offentlig presentation

offentlig presentation RESOR MED K.

4 juni - Institut Français - Berlin (19h – free)
11 juni - Malmö Konstmuseum - Malmö

In his stories and novels, Franz Kafka describes a society where power and bureaucracy are far removed from people, and often arbitrary and incomprehensible. He captures the loneliness and anguish of contemporary man in the face of this reality, while demonstrating his will to resist and to fight.
In 2023/24, Leslie Kaplan, a Franco-American author, has chosen to reflect on the topicality of this thought by questioning young European artists, performers, scenographers, puppeteers... How do they relate to the world of a major 20th-century author ?
After several weeks of working together, the results of this collective research project were produced and combined to create VOYAGES AVEC K, a kaleidoscopic performance.